05 May 2018

Angular 6 Released. Service workers land in Edge

Hey everyone, welcome to the fourth issue of ES Guy. Highlights of this week mainly include the release of Angular 6 and with the landing of Service Workers in Edge, all the major browsers now support them.

News from the Week

In the news for this week, there is mainly the release of Angular 6 and the inclusion of Service workers in Edge.

Service Workers landed in Edge earlier this week. Edge was the final major browser to introduce the support; all the major browsers now support Service Workers 🎉

Angular 6 was released a few days ago with a bunch of enhancements and additional features. You can read the announcement and full change log here. However, to summarize, here are the highlights from the release

- Inclusion of `ng update <package>` that helps update to right versions fo dependencies. Also libraries can use "schematics" to hook into the update
- Adds `ng add` which is sort of a wrapper around package manager's installation with the addition of using schematics for any additional actions required for library
- Angular Elements are released which let you use your angular components out of your angular apps
- Angular Material 6 – With the major addition of tree component for displaying hierarchical data
- CLI Workspaces – .angular-cli.json has been renamed to angular.json and workspaces have been added
- Easier to write your own libraries with the inclusion of `ng generate library <name>`
- Tree Shakable Providers - Instead of modules referencing services, now services refer to the modlue
- Animations performance has been improved with no need for polyfills, saving additional 47kbs of bundle size
- RxJS has been upgraded to v6
- LTS which was previously planned for v4 and v6 has now been expanded for all the major releases

Ivy Renderer has not been included in Angular 6 and is planned to be released in the coming months. Here are some of the additional links for you to learn more about this release:

Read and Watch

Here are some of the articles and talks to watch for the week

Open Source


Here is the list of releases from this week with the links to changelogs

Did you know

Did you know that there is a JavaScript alternative to media queries as well? The way to approach media queries in JavaScript is through window.matchMedia(mediaQueryString). Here is a simple example demonstrating the sample use

if (window.matchMedia("(min-width: 400px)").matches) {
  /* the viewport is at least 400 pixels wide */
} else {
  /* the viewport is less than 400 pixels wide */

You can read more about it on this MDN Docs page.


And that’s it for this issue. Stay tuned for the next week. Plus if you don’t already know, the source of the website can be found at github. If you have any feedback, suggestions or things to share, feel free to Submit a PR or open an issue