28 Apr 2018

Node 10 Released, NPM 6, RxJS 6. Improved Code caching in V8

Hey everyone, welcome to the third issue of ES Guy. Highlights of this week mainly include the release of Node 10, NPM 6 and RxJS 6.

News from the Week

In the news, there is mainly the release of Node 10. You can have the full change log here. However, to summarize, here are the highlights from the release

- Stable HTTP/2
- Buffer constructor has been deprecated
- The `console.table()` has been added
- Thrown errors have now error codes attached
- Bunch of changes and deprecations with `assert` module
- There are some deprecations and updates in the crypto module
- The fs/promises API provides experimental promisified versions of the `fs` functions
- The `EventEmitter.prototype.off()` method has been added as an alias for `removeListener`
- A new `pipeline()` method has been provided for building end-to-data stream pipelines
- Async generators and iterators

Read and Watch

Here are some of the articles and talks to watch for the week

Interesting Projects


Here is the list of releases from this week with the links to changelogs

Did you know

Did you know that JavaScript has a built-in number formatter with intl support. Here are some of the examples to give you the idea

Make sure to have a look at the browser support before using


And that’s it for this issue. Stay tuned for the next week. Plus if you don’t already know, the source of the website can be found at github. If you have any feedback, suggestions or things to share, feel free to Submit a PR or open an issue