21 Apr 2018

Redux 4, Webpack 4.6, Time to give up on the name JavaScript?

Hey everyone, welcome to the second issue of ES Guy. It was supposed to be sent out yesterday but I was working on migrating it to Jekyll and so it got a bit delayed.

Anyways, highlight of this week mainly include the release of Redux 4. And the other being a caution, if you are using the name “JavaScript”.

News from the Week

Oracle claimed trademark infringement for a JavaScript editor app

Be careful, if you are using the name JavaScript. An iOS developer has apparently received a cease and desist notice from Oracle over the use of the word “JavaScript” in the title of their app (“HTML, CSS, JavaScript Snippet Editor”). Find the discussion on reddit and an article from techrepublic for more details.

Read and Watch

Here are some of the articles and talks to watch for the week


Here is the list of releases from this week with the links to changelogs

Did you know

Here are some of the interesting things, quick tips that you might not be aware of. Submit the interesting things or your TILs to be featured in the next publication

Beautify Code in Chrome

Ever had a JavaScript error in console where clicking the file took you to the uglified JavaScript? Well, you can beautify it by clicking the curly brackets in the bottom corner

It will beautify the code and take you to the position of the error

And that’s it for this issue. Stay tuned for the next week. And if you have any feedback, suggestions or things to share, don’t hesitate to email me or ping me on twitter